Crisis Intervention Program


Crisis intervention services are available on the phone and in person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Program


  • Emergency shelter (26 rooms providing 42 beds) for abused women and their children from Windsor and Essex County
  • Services provided in a culturally-sensitive manner
  • The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Services are also provided to abused women in a same sex relationship
  • Child and Youth Program available to children in the shelter
Transitional & Housing Support Program



This program assists abused women and their children with living in a violent-free environment. This program is provided to women living in the community who are currently in an unsafe situation and to women residing in the shelter by helping them with:

  • Securing and maintaining housing
  • Safety planning
  • Financial Assistance
  • Legal Options
  • Counseling etc.

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Crossroads Program


This program offers short-term (10 week) psycho-educational groups to children 0-16 years old. For safety reasons, mothers must be separated from their abusive partners in order for their children to be eligible for this program. Some group topics include:

  • What is Violence?
  • Safety Planning
  • Responsibility for the Violence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Challenges & Changes, etc
School Based Program


This program is in partnership with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board and the Greater Essex County District School Board. The service includes individual counseling to children within their elementary school setting. Mothers must be separated from abusive partners in order to be eligible for this program.

Fresh Start - Women's Program City


This program offers group therapy for abused women. The primary goal of the Fresh Start women's program is for the women to accept responsibility for their physical and psychological safety. Other important goals include:

    • learning choices that are available
    • learning to be assertive
    • learning effective communication and problem solving skills
  • Therapy is provided to women in same sex relationships
  • Therapy is provided to women who are abusive toward men
Fresh Start - Women's Program County


The County program provides an agency presence for abused women in the County and facilitates access for County residents to our Residential program. The purpose of the County program is to provide group therapy in three locations within the County. These locations include:

  • Essex
  • Amherstburg
  • Leamington
Fresh Start - Men's Program


This voluntary program provides group therapy for abusive partners. The primary goal of the program is for men to take responsibility for, and to end, their abusive behaviour. Other important goals include:

    • learning alternative behaviours
    • learning more effective communication and problem-solving skills
    • identifying and expressing feelings and self-doubts
    • learning new and more flexible attitudes and expectations about women
    • learning to express anger in non-oppressive and more constructive ways
    • identifying the roots of anger and its impact on the abuser and others.
  • Therapy is also provided to men in same sex relationships.
  • Therapy is also prorvided to men who are victims of abuse